No order is confirmed until payment has been made and accepted you can know if it has been accepted as you would have received a four-digit order number for example #1928. We cannot hold an order if an attempt to make the payment has been declined, but we will call you to make sure you don’t miss out! by calling you to let you know We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time for any reason we deem fit. If the order is cancelled through a fault of The Butterfly & The Bear we will make sure a full refund is sent to the customer within 14 days of cancellation.

Please ensure the delivery and order details provided are correct upon placing your order. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct details, we cannot be held responsible for any banquets that are lost or delayed due to incorrect information. If you notice that you have made a mistake with your order (such as an incorrect name or postal address) please contact us ASAP by replying to your confirmation number or email through and we will amend this for you. However, we cannot accept any order changes within 2 working days prior to delivery as these would already be logged into our delivery route timetable  

The Butterfly & The Bear is not liable to provide any replacements, discounts or compensation for customer or third party errors. However, a goodwill gesture may be provided at the company’s discretion.  This would often be a free banquet for the following week and a full refund

Please ensure someone is home to receive your order as our banquets may include raw ingredients that may become unsafe to use if left in the sunshine or a safe place has been left in the additional comments e.g The Shed. If we arrive and you are not in one of our delivery drivers will call you to request a place that would be suitable.

If you are collecting you’re delivery from our three delivery drop off points ( Beisty’s, The Jet Centre & Bushmills Medical Centre. We recommend it travels on a flat on a non-slippery surface such as a boot or footwell. NOT on the seat of a car as they are slightly slanted and will make your banquet slip possibly causing the lids to come off.

All imagery, logos, text, photography and content of this website are property of The Butterfly & The Bear and are not to be used without prior written consent from the company Director.


If you wish to cancel your order you must email us at thebutterflyandthebearclub@gmail.com or call us on +44 7947 475865 Please Note all refunds are subject to a £5 administration charge. If you wish to receive a refund one of our team will contact you or if you contact us requesting this You must include your full name, your full address, and your order number. If you do not provide all of this information we cannot accept your cancellation. We can not accept any cancellations received through social media messages as these may not get through resulting in confusion on Friday.

All of our banquets are made to order and perishable and therefore cannot be refunded, exchanged or credited unless they are of unsatisfactory quality or if you have received the wrong item eg you order a vegetarian and you received a regular order.

Please make sure you check that you are happy with the condition of your order as soon as you receive your delivery. If you are unhappy with the condition you have received your order in you must let us know within 24 hours in order to be considered for a refund but I guarantee that you won’t be unhappy and in some cases, we can often run out to you again with said missing item/s.

If you are unhappy with the item itself rather than the condition it arrived in, Please contact us by phone (not through direct messages on social media as we sometimes find this unreliable and may not get your message).

We aim to reimburse all funds from either cancellations or refunds on the same day and it’ll often take 3-5 working days for it to arrive if it doesn’t arrive at this time we will investigate this further with our payment provider.


Many Thanks

The Butterfly & The Bear.